ARCT-H / Architecture Theory and History
ARCD / Architectural Design

ARCPR / Architectural Projects

STPR / Student Projects

CPR / Competition Projects

ARC-D / Architects and Designers

WARC / Worldwide Architecture

URBT-H / Urban Theory and History

URBD-P / Urban Design and Planning

C-E / Construction and Engineering

LD / Landscape Design

SD / Sustainable Design

PRD / Product Design

GB / Guide Books

PR-BM / Practice and Business Management

ART / Art

PH / Photography

CR-SK / Crafts and Skills

UKRC / Ukrainian Context

KHC / Kharkiv Context

HUM / Humanities




Work schedule

Monday to Friday: 12:00 – 18:00



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We initiated the Reading Club, bringing together KhSA students, faculty, and other interested guests. During our club meetings, we engage in conversations about articles and books that capture the interest of our community, fostering fruitful discussions. In the Reading Club, participants’ unique perspectives help to explore how written works reflect on the current moment in time and territorial context. Follow the School’s social networks to stay informed about upcoming meetings.


Previous meetings of the Reading Club

KhSA develops a culture of academic integrity through the creation of an atmosphere of respect, justice and trust. Tutors and students of the School are guided by the Regulations on the Integrity of the School. The provision is publicly available on the School’s website in the “Documents” section. Every year the School holds integrity classes for students. All written works are checked for plagiarism using the Unicheck service. The head of the library is responsible for the check.

  • Viacheslav Moskalevskyi

    President of Roshen Confectionery Corporation

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