After the Russian invasion on February 24, 2022, Ukrainian architectural education suddenly found itself facing new and complex challenges. The teaching and practice of architecture changed in an instant, and they had to face a new reality. Students and faculty began to travel across the country and abroad in search of safety and stability. The future of educational institutions became uncertain.


In light of these dramatic events, we ask ourselves:

What is the role of architectural education during and after the war?

How does this situation affect the goals, topics, and learning outcomes?

What can we learn from Ukraine’s current experience?


The story of the Kharkiv School of Architecture, which is comparable in size to the Liechtenstein School of Architecture, tries to find answers to these questions. Its staff and students resumed classes in the temporary premises of the old university canteen in Lviv after moving from Kharkiv at the beginning of the war.


The exhibition began with a lecture and an open discussion with the co-founder of the School, architect Oleh Drozdov, and part of the School’s faculty.